The life we share
First Issue
In the first issue we talk about our own project Openhouse Project here in Barcelona.
We visit GnamBox in Milan, who invite people to the home to cook their favourite dishes, while they record and present the recipes on their web page. We talk with Tony Hornecker, who opens his home in London like a theatrical restaurant and performance, called The Pale Blue Door. Bless a famous fashion brand, uses an apartment as their Berlin shop. But this apartment is also Mira´s home. Jo Nagasaka, well known architect and designer, kindly let us into his studio, which he often opens his doors to make events, exhibitions, dinners and sometimes you can even camp there. We talk with Luis and Jacobo, of Palau de Casavells, who open their spectacular Costa Brava home as a shop and gallery of art, furniture and design. Niki Robinson, holds events and concerts at home in Barcelona, she also rents out some rooms, but her guests get a lot more than just a key.

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Denmark Copenhagen, Storm Fashion

Finland Helsinki, Lokal
Finland Loviisa, Nämä

France Bordeaux, Bye Bye Bandit
France Bordeaux, Caroline Gomez
France Nancy, Happy Home
France Nantes , Home Scandinave

Germany Berlin, Do you read me?!
Germany Berlin, Pro-qm
Germany Berlin, Westberlin
Germany Hamburg, Coffee Table Mags
Germany Munich, Soda

Ireland Dublin, Indigo & Cloth

Italy Florence, Bjørk

Netherlands Amsterdam, Restored
Netherlands Amsterdam, Tenue de Nimes

Singapore, Basheer Graphic Books

Spain Barcelona, Free time
Spain Barcelona, Le Fortune
Spain Bilbao , Anti Koop E Txikia
Spain Madrid, Magasand
Spain Valencia, Dadà

Sweden Stockholm, Papercut

Switzerland Lausanne, Sérendipité
Switzerland Bern, Lorem (not Ipsum)

UK London, Material
UK London Volte Face

USA, Virginia, Richmond, Need Supply Co

Barcelona, Mari luz Vidal